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Family Owned and Operated
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Love Where You Live With Us!

New Heritage Properties

Established in 2007, New Heritage Properties is a real estate management company that invests in both residential and commercial properties located within the city of Coatesville, Pennsylvania.  The team at NHP is committed to improving quality of living in Coatesville by providing excellent rental homes and commercial spaces with responsive customer service. 

We strive to respond quickly to tenant requests and aim to resolve any issues promptly.  By going above and beyond our tenant’s expectations, NHP has earned a great reputation in the industry.  This is why the majority of our tenants come to us through word of mouth referrals versus marketing efforts, and our goal is to maintain this favorable reputation.  

As a family owned and operated business, our belief is that happy customers become long term tenants who love living in our rental homes.

Welcome to New Heritage Properties!

Please NoteTenants eligible to apply for Affordable properties must be on the Chester County Housing Authority waitlist for the property they are applying for, AND they must have been contacted by New Heritage Properties telling them that they are now at the top of the waitlist and eligible for housing. Without these two criteria being true, your application will not be approved.
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Nestled within the heart of the City of Coatesville lies its cherished Historic District, a beacon of heritage and community pride. Here, along South First Avenue, Route 82, and Lincoln Highway, stand the esteemed National Historic Landmark properties, symbolizing our rich cultural legacy. Amidst these storied streets, a tapestry of captivating residential and office buildings beckons, each bearing witness to bygone eras and pivotal moments in our history. Maps meticulously charting these landmarks are readily available at the National Register of Historic Places, guiding visitors on a journey through time within the city's bounds. As we stroll through these charming streets, we not only honor our past but also embrace a vision for the future—a future where revitalization breathes new life into our community, fostering positive change and a renewed sense of pride.